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Meet The Team

Our Customer Service Team

Michelle Boff

NAME: Michelle Boff

POSITION: Operations Manager/PA to David Milner

STARTED: October 2014

PHONE: 01788 563121


I have worked for the company for over 15 years on and off, will explain the story when I see you.

I have worked within all departments of compucover and as such I have gained a wide variety of knowledge. I have climbed the career ladder and have gone from being a Customer Service Advisor to now Operations Manager.

I now have the task of managing the office and also keeping Mr Milner in check, specifically ensuring his diary is up to date.

In her spare time, Michelle loves… hang on, what is spare time? I have a patchwork family of 5 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, fish and gerbils… There isn’t much spare time for me but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hannah Watson

NAME: Hannah Watson

POSITION: Customer Service Advisor

STARTED: May 2019

PHONE: 01788 563129


I have worked for the company since 2019. I joined the claims team after returning to work from having a baby girl who is now 5 years old. It’s a refreshing change after working in the waste industry for several years and then having a toddler for company all day.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, which does occasionally involve the odd glass of wine.

NAME: Sarah Young

POSITION: Customer Service Advisor

STARTED: August 2008

PHONE: 01788 563127


I’ve worked for Summit Insurance Services Ltd since 2008, it feels more like my second family after all this time.

I’ve seen a lot of changes within my time here, as you would expect over 13 years.

I’m a busy single mum juggling work and two teenagers, my son is 20 and daughter is 15.

In my free time, I love meeting friends and the odd glass of wine or three, or weekends away preferably relaxing in a spa!

NAME: Tanya Rushin

POSITION: Data Analyst

STARTED: January 2019

PHONE: 01788 563125


I have worked for the company since 2019, and I’m responsible for all things systems related, MI reporting, analysing of data and claims payments – basically making sure that everything works as it should do and processes are in place.

I previously worked in the fulfilment and logistics industry, but after 22 years in this sector I decided to take a jump and change not only jobs but also industries, it was extremely daunting at the time, but I am loving my time so far at Summit and learning all various aspects of the insurance industry.

Away from work I enjoy spending time with my family, Bertie the Cockapoo, travelling and running (not really enjoying it but it means I can drink more wine and eat more cake!)

Sales & Marketing

Chelsie Harrison-Davis

NAME: Chelsie Harrison-Davis

POSITION: Sales Executive

STARTED: December 2018

PHONE: 01788 563113


I have worked for Summit Insurance Services since 2018. I started on the claims team, moving on to admin and I now work in sales.

Having worked in administration since I was 17 years old, I am very comfortable in the office environment.

I have 2 children and we have family horses so therefore spend a lot of time at the stables. I am also a keen body builder, the gym is like a second home to me!

Compliance Officer

Elizabeth Ballantyne

NAME: Elizabeth Ballantyne

POSITION: Compliance Officer

STARTED: July 2006

PHONE: 01788 563118


I joined the team at Summit Insurance Services in 2006 back when every customer had a paper based file! Times have certainly changed!! I’ve moved through different areas of the business, issuing renewals, working in the customer service team, and then the sales team.

In 2018 I moved into more of a compliance role having a good knowledge of the business and FCA requirements, and after maternity leave in 2018 I returned to the role.

Running a busy household with a 19 year old son, 11 year old stepson, 2 year old daughter (oh and the 4th child – my partner) I’m not left with much “hobby” time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


David Milner

NAME: David Milner

POSITION: Managing Director

STARTED: Joined The Summit Group in December 1991

PHONE: 07785 375624


David is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and is also the Chairman of a building society and a Non-Executive Director of a London based specialist insurance broker.

He has 3 grown up children and 3 grandchildren.

He’s a keen rugby fan, Leicester Tigers in particular. He also enjoys the odd glass (bottle) of wine.

Fun Fact – When he was a younger he wanted to be a postman.