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Claim Form

  1. To ensure your claim is dealt with as quickly as possible, please complete this form in full.
  2. Your claim will be delayed if you do not complete ALL relevant sections.
  3. All claims must be referred to the Claims Administrators before you take any action. Failure to do so will invalidate your claim.
  4. For a claim that is not capable of repair e.g. following theft the Claims Administrators will instruct our authorised supplier to arrange replacement.
  5. The claim form will need to be completed in full by the named Policyholder. If the Policyholder requires someone else to complete the form on their behalf, then due to the Data Protection Act we will need the name and address of the person who will complete the form on the Policyholder’s behalf. This information will need to be provided by the Policyholder in writing either by post, fax or e-mail.
  6. Policy subject to a £50.00 excess, except claims for accidental loss where the excess is £75.00.