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compucover offer cover for Individuals, Education and Business


Life is great when you're connected – so why not stay that way?

At compucover we know how important it is to protect your most valuable gadgets, from Tablet PCs to laptops and not forgetting the most important of them all, your Smartphone.

Compucover specialist insurance and warranty products offer extensive accidental damage, theft, breakdown & loss cover giving you peace of mind that your IT investment is fully protected against unforeseen circumstances.


Since 1996 more than 5,000 schools, colleges and universities have found that as they move towards a technology focused environment, compucover insurance and warranty is a product they cannot afford to be without.

We understand that students need constant access to the latest IT equipment, this is why we have developed a fast and efficient claims process.

We will ensure that students are reunited with repaired or replaced equipment as quickly as possible.


Specialist technology insurance and warranty tailored to your business needs. Your laptop and other IT equipment is likely to be one of your most important assets.

How would you run your business without it?

And what would it cost you to replace?

With compucover you can easily protect your IT investment against risks such as accidental damage, theft, breakdown & loss.

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